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Buy Google Play Developer Account

Google account is a framework that enables users to access Google services like Google Photos, Gmail, and several others. However, users can’t release their apps on the Google Play Store using this id. They have to pay $25 for a Google Developer Account to be able to publish apps on the Google Play Store. This paid account also lets android users generate income from their released applications in the Google Play Store. 

Put your app on Google Play so that Android users may install and use it on their smartphones. You first should create a Google Play developer account before submitting your app to Google Play. Google Play imposes a one-time developer fee of $25. so If you want to buy a Google Play Developer Account then you are in the right place. You can buy Google Play Developer Account at a low price for sale with us. Then why not start today?

Google Play Console – Overview

  • You can not release an app on the Google Store free of cost
  • You cannot benefit from the services if you do not have a Google Developer account.
  • The cost of a Google Developer Account is a one-time fee.
  • You can download an infinite number of applications from the Google Play Store after completing this transaction.
  • Google PlayStore has 900 million Android users, making it the most popular app store on the planet. They do, however, have some very impressive analytics.
  • The online application takes about three minutes, and your profile ought to be activated in 1-to 7 business days.
  • Google will charge you $25 to create a Google Developer Account.

Buy Google Play Developer Account

Why should you buy Google Play Developer Account?

The Google Play Store is dedicated to providing customers with a wide inventory of high-quality apps. The following are some of the major advantages of purchasing a Google Play developer account.

Monitor app performance 

Using your Google Developer accounts, you also can track your app performance from your android smartphone. You can look over the available downloads.

Publish apps on the google play store

To publish software on the Google Play Store, you’ll need a Buy Google Developer Account. You may pay for a Google Developer account and start posting your applications using your Google account. Gmail Accounts are used by the Google Developer account. You can only have one Google Developer account and one Gmail account at a time. Charge for Program Downloads: If you wish to charge for your program streaming services, you can do only so by using your Google Developer account.

Guidance available 

 with a Buy Google Developer account, you can also obtain Google Playbook for developers, which keeps you up to speed on the advanced developments, functionalities, and tactics for growing your app.

Google Play tutorials

Distribute your Android apps using the following Google Play tutorials. Google Developer accounts involve learning how to publish your Android apps through Google Play tutorial videos. 

As the owner of this Google Play Developer Account, you will have access to exclusive lectures from Google professionals on how to properly market your Android applications.


Get your name on Google Play. You may get your name on the Google Play listing for your application. It increases your perception of brand ownership, boosts your exposure in the Google Play Store, and allows you to get seen.


Examine the following data, reports, and inspections: If you have a Google Play Developer Account, you will be able to access detailed information, analytics, and feedback for the majority of your apps.

 Buy Google Play Developer Accounts With Virtual Card

Google has several restrictions on multiple developer accounts and may not enable virtual card payments. You can pay for the developer account using your bank’s debit card (ATM card) or credit card.

Buy Google Play Developer Accounts

The Steps To Follow To Open Google Play Developer Account

You may employ Google Play Store to construct your game or app and distribute it to a large number of people. A Play Store Developer Account is required to launch your apps on the Play Store. Opening a developer account for the Google Play store is often not simple.

  1.  Log in to the Google Play Developer Console and create an account.
  2.  Review the Google Play Developer licensing agreement and agree to it.
  3.  Submit your account’s registration charge. There is a one-time registration charge of USD 25.
  4.  Complete your Google Play Developer Account.
  5. Enter your payment details, then select Confirm and proceed.
  6. Once your profile is prepared to be activated, Google will contact you through email.

Please keep in mind that this procedure might take up to a week.

You can develop a Google Play app and discover your Google Play License Key after you’ve installed and activated your profile. This key is associated with your branded Mag+ Mobile application and is submitted to the Mag+ Publish site before app creation.

Google Play Academy- FAQ

  • What is Google Play Academy, and how does it work?

Google Play Academy is a free resource for Google Play app and game creators, company owners, and marketers. Play Academy provides chances for new and prospective app developers, distributes information and best practices for building a successful app or game company, and keeps creators informed about tool updates.

  • What is the price of Google Play Academy?

Google Play Academy is a free service.

  • How can I get my first app or game to launch?

The courses at Google Play Academy provide expertise and methodologies to assist you in developing a successful app or game company. You’ll use Google Play Console to organize, develop, and release your Android applications and games on Google Play.

Wrapping up

  • Begin your success story right here. 

Choose a study route of your preference and create your happy story, whether you want to establish your start-up, build your business, or simply discover the world of apps and services. Google Play Developer Account is very important for your business. So if you want to buy a Google Play Developer Account you can take it from us. I will give you the best Google Play Developer Account.

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